How to stay healthy

Studies that analyse the attributes of an effective manager invariably list good health as a most important contributing quality. Being healthy promotes a more satisfying and productive work experience for all of us. So, if you want to improve your fitness level and to enjoy a happier, more productive worklife, consider seriously the following suggestions...

1. Be aware of the benefits of good health.

By focusing on your personal health, you can take advantage of the following reported benefits:

  • less sickness
  • decreased blood pressure
  • reduction in cardiac risk factors
  • improved oxygen uptake
  • reduction in body weight
  • improved diet
  • improved disposition
  • better self-image
  • expansion of friendship circles.

Is not this a strong and convincing case for personal health and fitness?

2. Get a regular check-up and fitness assessment.

Pay attention to the warning messages your body sends you such as migraines, palpitations, stomach upsets and see your doctor immediately. In fact, a regular medical check-up should be seen as part of your managerial responsibility. Knowledge of health and fitness is expanding daily, and a regular assessment means that you are ensuring you are at least physically prepared for your managerial role.

3. Keep a check on your diet.

Most of your exercise time and effort can be negated by what you eat and drink. In fact, it is a good idea to work on your diet before you get serious about exercising. Eat well-balanced meals as regularly and unhurriedly as you can. Encourage your family to be health conscious by maintaining a nutritionally sound diet. Literature abounds on this topic.

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