How to manage stress at work

Work stress is not necessarily a negative force. In fact, without a certain level of stress to challenge us, our jobs would be boring and unrewarding. Stress becomes a problem, however, when it reaches such an extreme that we are unable to cope with it. The solution to stress, therefore, is not to eliminate it altogether but to maintain it at a level where it remains a positive motivating force. Here are ten of the best simple strategies for keeping stress in check. They're easy to remember - and they work...

1. Create a pleasant work environment for yourself.

If you spend a great deal of time in your office, make it pleasant, without being self-indulgent. Convert your tired office into a place you can enjoy - with art pieces, rug, greenery, bookcase, paintings, and tapestries. And discipline yourself to keep that desk uncluttered.

2. Keep perfectionism in check.

Trying to be perfect in everything is not only self-defeating: it's also a major stress-generator. Learn what you are good at doing and perfect those skills.

3. Manage your time.

If you want to manage stress, you have to manage time. Of the stress faced by administrators, none is so pervasive as the stress of time. Forget about finding more hours in a day. Instead, use the existing hours more effectively. Set aside time for planning, contemplation, relaxation, and problem-solving. Tackle the problems of drop-in visitors, the open door, telephone calls, and procrastination. Remember that time is the lit fuse of stress.

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