How to improve your chances of getting promoted

To get promoted, you must build what management consultant Daniel Johnson has called 'career equity', in that way establishing your 'professional net worth'. Career equity is achieved by developing, improving, and strengthening each of eight specific assets that will enhance your professional value in the management marketplace...

1. Improve your knowledge and skills.

To progress in your career, you need to assess your knowledge and skills to uncover any deficiencies. Work purposefully to remedy these weaknesses. Continue to learn. Participate in training and updating programs. Attend seminars and conferences to increase your knowledge, to inform yourself of new trends, and to meet influential people in your field. Read regularly the books and journals of your profession. Creative ideas can be nurtured only by broad, up-to-date knowledge.

2. Strengthen your credentials.

Most employers still value highly credentials earned through formal post-school education. This asset can also be strengthened through active membership of professional associations and committees, and through involvement in community service organisations and clubs. Distinctions and honours gained through formal education, and through service to the profession and the community, will also gain for you important credit points.

3. Enhance your reputation.

Your reputation focuses on your overall image within the organisation and beyond. It is based on what people think of you and your accomplishments. The development of your credibility in terms of honesty, integrity, hard work, and consideration for others will strengthen this asset immensely.

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