How to get on well with other people

We all want to be accepted and well liked by our staff and colleagues, if for no other reason than that it makes our task as managers so much easier. Managers should be easy to get along with and understand other people. If you want to win friends within your organisation, here are some well-proven principles for you to consider...

1. Always be open and honest.

Gain a reputation for being a straightshooter. To be open with people, you will need three qualities:

  • Expressing your own views openly and accepting responsibility for your own actions.
  • Reacting honestly to incoming information. Indeed, where an important decision is required from you, disagreement is often better than indifference.
  • Making sure that other people are quite clear where you stand on a particular issue.

2. Empathise with other people.

If we make a practice of putting ourselves into the shoes of other people, we will understand far better the feelings of our staff members and colleagues. Although we can’t ‘own’ another person’s feelings, we can say that we understand how we’d feel under the same circumstances. We win points for empathising with others.

3. Be known as one who espouses equality.

Do all you can to ensure that your work place recognises that everyone is worthwhile and valuable, and has something important to contribute to the organisation’s success.

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