In the Workplace

Organizations need effective management! And here's some essential management know-how.

In the Workplace is a collection of topics covering a set of issues ranging from those that are as simple and basic – such as running a better organized office, professional reading, absenteeism, and installing an effective filing system – to the more complex such as employment contracts, negotiating collective workplace agreements, workplace health and safety, and catering for diversity. 

The topics have been written with the busy manager in mind, and provide step-by-step access to all of the necessary practical information that is often referred to as ‘know-how’. 

What you’ll discover in In the Workplace

  • How to run a better office 
  • How to set up a filing system that works 
  • How to ensure a healthy and safe workplace 
  • How to get your staff to read material that matters 
  • How to deal with continuing absenteeism 
  • How to negotiate and implement a collective workplace agreement 
  • How to develop an employment contract 
  • How to cater for diversity in the workplace 
  • How to weigh up the benefits of a volunteers’ program 
  • How to develop a volunteers’ program 

As well as the core strategies outlined, there are scores of useful hints, advice, anecdotes and inspiration to help you better understand and implement the core material presented. 

And there’s a quiz – an opportunity to test your understanding of the information presented.