When individuals and teams don’t achieve optimum performance, everyone and everything suffers. And people are quick to recognize when that special something is missing. 

Others look to you to improve the performance of everyone on your team. It’s YOUR performance and those for whom you’re responsible!

Whether the issue is your performance or others for whom you’re responsible, you need quick access to essential ‘how-to’ information. Just about everything you need to know about performance, and what you can do about it, is a flip of an e-page away.

What you’ll discover in Performance

Just about everything you need to know about performance (yours and others) is contained in this book, including: 

  • How to recognize unsatisfactory job performance 
  • How to improve employee performance on the run 
  • How to maintain improved performance 
  • How to improve the performance of at-risk employees 
  • How to get the most out of temps 
  • How to manage generations in your workplace 
  • How to help an employee whose career has plateaued 
  • How to help older employees stay valuable in your organization 
  • How to help others manage their bad habits 
  • How to manage workplace romances

And there’s an opportunity to find out how well you’ve grasped the essential how-to information. You can Test Yourself without anyone else knowing.