The Manager’s Book of 100 Ideas

Good ideas are hard to come by. No wonder winning ideas separate rising stars from the ‘drudge’. 

This book is chock-full of great ideas for immediate use. And when you use these ideas you’ll become recognized as the person with loads of bright, inspirational, practical ideas.

This is a must-have addition to your library. Others will marvel at where so many practical gems can come from. And you can sit-back and accept the praise because what is presented here is yours to use, adapt, and own.

What you’ll discover in The Manager’s Book of 100 Ideas

Good, useable ideas can be hard to come by. So the hard work has been done for you. Assembled in one book is a collection of management ideas with links to The Management Bible. 

In addition, you’ll find out what the following have in common.

  • The English headmaster who punched his under-13's rugby coach on the nose
  • Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats
  • The eminent Shakespearean actor, Edwin Booth
  • Actor Charles Laughton at a Christmas dinner party
  • The owner of the McDonald's chain, on his hands and knees, in a McDonald's car park
  • Former dictator Saddam Hussein
  • Red Adair, the king of the oil rig fires
  • The wise-cracking entertainer Jimmy Durante
  • An impatient President Richard Nixon
  • Poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, with perspiration streaming down his face
  • A misquoted Moses

These are just a handful of the characters called upon in the 96 pages of The Manager's Book of 100 Ideas to inspire, entertain and inform, and to introduce to the reader one of the most practical and useful management tools yet published – The Management Bible by Neil Flanagan and Jarvis Finger.