Management Stories and Strategies

Their secret's out! Here's what managers can learn by reflecting on the experiences of others.

Other people’s learning experiences can provide valuable lessons. Until now, finding out about those experiences and drawing lessons from them came down to luck. As the late-and-great Vince Lombardi advocated when he held aloft a football and began to address his poorly performing Green Bay Packers, 'it’s helpful at times to get back to the basics’.

Mastery of basic techniques is fundamental to peak performance for all. This 96-page book takes note of Lombardi’s advocacy, and adds real-life illustrations—timely tales, and fascinating anecdotes to introduce each of the skills of management highlighted. 

What you’ll discover in Management Stories and Strategies 

The authors believe that management skills are often best grasped by means of humor, anecdote, quotation, and immediate access to simple, step-by-step solutions. 

You’ll find scores of anecdotes in this 96-page gem from the lives of Winston Churchill, Beethoven, Ernest Hemingway, Irving Berlin, Mark Twain, Sam Snead, Thomas Lipton, Barbara Stanwyck, Richard Nixon, Ulysses S. Grant, and others, as they provide exemplars for such management fundamentals as speechmaking, brainstorming, body language, saying thanks, advertising, stress, communication, and so on.