Management Miscellany

It’s tough these days for sincere whistleblowers – as it is for their managers. Whistleblowing is fraught with problems. So how should whistleblowing be handled appropriately in your organization? Do you know how to ‘blow the whistle’ yourself; or to handle a whistleblower?

And related to whistleblowing, handling complaints and criticisms is part of everyday life for most managers. Are you comfortable in such situations? Do this well, and you could eliminate whistleblowing altogether. Management Miscellany is a collection of ten management issues -- including whistleblowing and handling complaints and criticisms -- which you will find of great practical value in today’s workplace.

What you’ll discover in Management Miscellany


  • How to be a whistleblower – the right way
  • How to minimize whistleblowing in your organization  
  • How to implement a whistleblowing policy
  • How to handle your critics constructively 
  • How to deal with complaints                                                                       
  • How to help employees balance their work and home lives
  • How to have a good work-life balance
  • How to assess the potential of letting staff work from home
  • How to boost your self-confidence  
  • How to write an article for a professional journal

In addition to the core strategies outlined for each of these topics, this e-book contains scores of useful hints, advice, anecdotes and inspiration to help you better understand and implement the core material presented. 

As well, there’s an opportunity to find out how well you’ve grasped the essential how-to information. You can test yourself without anyone else knowing.