Hiring & Firing

Many organizations contain too much ‘dead-wood’—people who should never have been hired and certainly should have been fired. Assembling, building, and maintaining the best teams helps to increase performance and profitability. 

Getting the right person, making the person right, and letting those go that fail to contribute identify your skill as a recruiter, manager, or both. 

This e-book will become your constant source of reference. Just about everything you need to know about hiring and firing is a flip of an e-page away. 

What you’ll discover in Hiring and Firing

Just about everything you need to know about hiring and firing is contained in this book, including: 

  • How to prepare and use job descriptions 
  • How to write a job advertisement that attracts the right applicants 
  • How to hire the right person for the job 
  • How to improve your interviewing skills 
  • How to make new staff members feel part of the organization 
  • How to conduct a performance appraisal interview 
  • How to terminate a person’s employment 
  • How to conduct an exit interview 
  • How to embrace the concept of equal employment opportunity 
  • How to help women rejoin the workforce

And there’s an opportunity to find out how well you’ve grasped the essential how-to information. You can Test Yourself without anyone else knowing.