Almost all aspects of a manager’s job involve feedback – giving and getting information about work-related performance. But, despite its importance, prevalence, and inevitability, feedback is an aspect of the job that few managers enjoy or perform effectively. 

Which is where the e-book Feedback: Ten top strategies to help you give, seek and receive feedback in your organization comes in. 

In Feedback, we’ve collected and synthesized just about everything that’s essential when it comes to giving and gathering feedback in the workplace. Simple, step-by-step strategies that explore feedback in organizational life and practical tools for giving, seeking, and receiving feedback in a range of areas. 

What you’ll discover in Feedback

  • How to give feedback 
  • How to criticize other people constructively 
  • How to encourage feedback from your staff 
  • How to establish a climate that encourages feedback 
  • How to set up an employee suggestion scheme 
  • How to conduct a gripe session 
  • How to make best use of the grapevine 
  • How to conduct a 360-degree appraisal 
  • How to maximize the value of 360-degree feedback in your organization 
  • How to make best use of your own 360-degree feedback report 

In addition to the core strategies outlined, there are scores of useful hints, advice, anecdotes and inspiration to help you better understand and implement the core material presented. As well there’s a quiz – an opportunity to test your understanding of the information presented.