Is your organization wanting to establish an effective presence on the Internet in the hope of attracting a share of the massive world-wide market? 

Before developing your organization’s website, you need to consider a number of issues. Or, if your website is up and running, just how effective is it?

This e-book comprises ten top strategies to help you develop and manage an online business presence. It’s been compiled with the busy manager in mind, providing step-by-step access to all of the necessary practical information that is often referred to as ‘know-how’. 

What you’ll discover in e-Business

  • How to prepare your organization for an online presence 
  • How to set up an e-business 
  • How to develop a successful website 
  • How to raise the profile of your business using the Web 
  • How to attract visitors to your website 
  • How to sell online 
  • How to safeguard people’s privacy 
  • How to make the most effective use of e-mail 
  • How to avoid employee abuse of e-mail and telephone 
  • How to conduct a successful video conference

Supplementing the core strategies outlined, there are scores of useful hints, advice, anecdotes and inspiration to help you better understand and implement the core material presented. As well, there’s an opportunity to find out how well you’ve grasped the essential how-to information. You can test yourself without anyone else knowing.

Using the Internet for doing business – e-business – is now a mainstream part of most organizations, big and small alike. e-Business will help you succeed in this ever-expanding market.