Change is about the only thing that remains constant in organizations. Change is inevitable. As a manager, you must be familiar with the process and at ease with it. 

How, therefore, should you prepare for for change? How should you introduce it? How should you manage it as it happens? 

To answer such questions, you should consult Change: Ten top strategies to help you cope with and implement change in your workplace. It’s a collection of just about everything that’s essential when it comes to managing the change process. Importantly, it’s been written with the busy manager in mind, providing step-by-step access to all of the necessary practical information that is often referred to as ‘know-how’. 



What you’ll discover in Change

  • How to prepare to bring about change in your organization 
  • How to implement change 
  • How to learn to live with change 
  • How to introduce new technology into your organization 
  • How to change your organization’s culture 
  • How to change standard work practices and let staff work from home 
  • How to change the way you work 
  • How to help others change their bad habits 
  • How to motivate employees to change behavior 
  • How to manage change in an organization 

In addition to the core strategies outlined, there are scores of useful hints, advice, anecdotes and inspiration to help you better understand and implement the core material presented.  As well there’s a quiz – an opportunity to test your understanding of the information presented.