101 Smart Management Tricks

Every profession and industry needs its ‘tricks-of-the-trade’ to help solve problems, save heaps of time, and get the job done hassle-free and on-budget. When you apply these tricks to your unique way of operating and call them your own, you’ll achieve more-and-more in less-and-less time. ‘Where did you learn that?’ or ‘How did you know that?’ will become FAQs of you. Until now, the School of Hard Knocks was the only way to learn these tricks-of-the-trade. But not any more… Assembled here are years of wisdom for you to download, adapt, and use. The results will be MAGIC!


What you’ll discover in 101 Smart Management Tricks 

They’re time-savers, face-savers, and blush-savers. When you put to work these smart management tricks, others will be gob-smacked about how you could know so much. You needn’t divulge your source, just bask in the attention.


Here's a sample...