Australian Management Essentials

If you've ever wondered why some people are better at managing than others, the answer is in Australian Management Essentials.

It’s your short-cut to management expertise—just about everything you need to know about effective management in one handy volume. It’s a book you don’t have to read from cover-to-cover. Read it when you need it!

It’s easy to use—more than 300 topics delivering what you want, simply and free of any management mumbo-jumbo. The unique page layout is designed to allow you to access immediately information you need.

It’ll help you with your career—a wealth of vital know-how to help you climb the ladder.

Dozens of personal skills are highlighted to help you reach the top. And when you’ve made it to the top, Australian Management Essentials will continue to be your constant reference.



Australian Management Essentials contains essential management know-how – all in one book. Over 300 cross-referenced, individual topics presented as step-by-step, double-page solutions. And each topic features absorbing side panels to help the reader understand and implement the core material presented. Australian Management Essentials is chock-full of information about managing and working with other people —building and maintaining working relationships, getting the best from people, helping people get the best from themselves, getting the right person for the job and the person right for the job, effective communication, managing conflicts, mediating in disputes, and many other staff-related issues. There’s also essential advice to help you manage your organization more effectively — from articulating a vision, to managing projects and implementing change. You’ll learn how to: write a mission statement; provide quality customer service; develop policies on whistleblowing, harassment in the workplace; establish workplace agreements; boost flagging morale; handle bullying; sell online; crime-proof your workplace; get the image you want for your company… In addition, you’ll soon understand the basics of Six Sigma, Emotional Intelligence, TQM, EEO, reengineering, empowerment, benchmarking, and much more. And the good news is that Australian Management Essentials can be customized and personalized. For information on personalizing Australian Management Essentials, email for details.