Albert Einstein emphasized the need to know where to go when you need to know. When the issue is management know-how, The Online Manager is the place to go, with hundreds of topics assembled under eleven key headings:


  1. Managing yourself
  2. Managing your career
  3. Managing relationships
  4. Communicating
  5. Building essential skills
  6. Planning
  7. Staff-related issues
  8. Managing conflict
  9. Managing crises
  10. Marketing
  11. Organisation-wide issues

All information is presented in a clear, concise, step-by-step format, which facilitates understanding and encourages action. And every topic is cross-referenced and linked to additional interesting anecdotes, stories, and humor; and to the world’s biggest library of related resources, with a facility to order online.

The Origins of TOM

The Online Manager has its origins in the international bestsellers The Management Bible (Plum Press, 2003) and Just about Everything a Manager Needs to Know (Plum Press, 1998). Both books have proven to be ideal resources – some say, management tools – for busy managers who need access to information on demand.

The authors – Dr Neil Flanagan and Jarvis Finger – identified four defining qualities of managers:

  1. Most people become managers 'overnight' with limited preparation for their new roles. A successful salesperson soon becomes the sales manager; an enthusiastic and thorough auditor is soon promoted to audit manager. And one of the ‘rewards’ for their success is management responsibilities.
  2. Most people don't have the time (or the inclination) to read all of the management literature in their field – to be 'rewarded' with one or two ideas. If only someone else were able to do this for them! Flanagan and Finger did.
  3. Most managers today have, of necessity, to become 'generally' responsible, with a working knowledge of a broad range of issues including substance abuse, sexual harassment, diversity in the workplace, grief counseling, security, and workplace health and safety.
  4. Most managers can't be expected to know everything. Instead, they need to know where to go when they need to know.

Flanagan and Finger have delivered on these points. The Management Bible contains more than 300 individual topics, presented as double-page spreads, cross-referenced, and indexed for quick access. The layout is clean, straightforward, and eye-catching. Each double-page spread provides an interesting read, free of any management mumbo-jumbo. Every reader is catered for, whether they're climbing the corporate ladder or enjoying the view from the top. TOM has its origins in The Management Bible.

What TOM will do for you

When you need immediate access to essential management know-how, just ask TOM! (That’s why our Web address is We think that there are five good reasons why you'll love The Online Manager:


  1. The Online Manager is your short-cut to management expertise.
    All the essential management expertise, advice, and solutions you're looking for will be just a mouse-click away. Use The Online Manager when you need it: consider it as your fast-track MBA.
  2. The Online Manager is so easy to use.
    Some 330 topics (updated and added-to regularly), supported by a wealth of additional material delivering what you want—simply and at the speed of a mouse-click or touch-screen.
  3. The Online Manager will help you climb the promotional ladder.
    Your climb up the promotional ladder is made even easier with TOM. You can find out how to prepare yourself for a brilliant career, ready yourself for an interview, start successfully in a new position, improve your chances of promotion, support your boss, become a leader, and attract the headhunter. There are dozens of vital personal skills such as how to make decisions, make speeches, take the initiative, gain power, play politics, save time, chair meetings. Even when you make it to the top, TOM will remain your career champion.
  4. The Online Manager will help you manage others effectively.
    Chock-full of information about managing other people—from getting the right person for the job, to getting the person right for the job, to moving those on who aren't right for the job. You'll find just about everything you'll need to know about delegation, handling angry people, improving staff performance, motivating others, negotiating, comforting grieving employees, tackling absenteeism, mediating in staff disputes. Your comprehensive know-how will amaze others.
  5. The Online Manager will help you run an even better organisation.
    Essential advice that will help you manage your organization more effectively – from articulating a vision for your company, to managing projects, and implementing change. You'll be shown how to write a mission statement, provide quality customer service, write and deploy policy, boost flagging morale, crime-proof your workplace, get the image you want for your workplace, setting up an online presence, and more. In addition, you'll find out about the basics of the Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma, and 360-degree feedback.